I explore the intersection of architecture, memory, myth and topography through paintings, photography, sculptures and site-specific installations. Using scale, line, texture and color, I create fragmented spaces and structures that reflect the fragile yet dynamic relationship between the built and natural environment.

Inspired by the inherent narratives of people, places, and things I encounter directly or at the periphery, I map the idiosyncrasies of the urban and natural landscape, both real and imagined. These encounters (whether they be environmental, emotional, spiritual or whatnot) can be transformative: they invite you to listen and look, and to see links between the tangible and abstract elements of the world. And hopefully, to question, reflect, and better understand our individual and shared cultural space and identity. 

Whether it's a bike ride in the hills, a leisurely walk along a lake or a plane ride across the ocean, these experiences inform my practice where a shift in activity, emotion or location give rise to new ways of looking and interpreting the world.


Gisela Insuaste CV