In my art practice, I explore the intersection of architecture, memory, topography and myth through drawings, sculptures and site-specific installations. Using scale, line, texture and color, I create collapsible and fragmented spaces and structures composed of interdependent or abstract elements that give way to physical and emotional connections to a place.

Inspired by the concept of the apus (Quechua word to describe the protective spirits of the sacred Andean mountains) I maps the idiosyncrasies of the urban landscape to reflect the precarious and dynamic relationship of the built and natural environment, both real and imagined. Using modular, portable or interactive forms made of found and repurposed materials such as wood, wire, fabric, industrial and organic materials, I introduce architectural interventions that question our individual and shared cultural space and identity.

Whether it's a bike ride, a leisurely walk along a river or a plane ride across the ocean, I am drawn to the inherent and varied narratives of people, places and things we encounter directly or at the periphery. These experiences inform my practice where a shift in location, emotion and activity give rise to new ways of looking and interpreting the world. 

Gisela Insuaste CV