There are several works on paper and wood panel I can send out to NY or Berlin or take with me.  Some I have in Oakland or in Brooklyn, other's I've sold already. And there are  several more drawings/paintings similar to some that are on this site. 

Fore example, Esperanza and Bosque Encantado (24 x 36 in each, gouache and ink on wood panel) are at my friends' house in Park Slope. They also have a couple more paintings on wood  (Fe, Dumpling Hmong Design, Abstract Gesture #3) but since they just bought these,  I don't think they would want to part with them so soon.  But there are other similar drawings/paintings out here if you want to include them.

See Drawings & Paintings to see those paintings above or others that may be of interest. 

Under the folder, For Cecile Berlin, "Works on Paper" and "Works on Wood" that are in progress. Under "Works on Paper" I included 2 large paintings (Paisaje Magico, 2007, 40 x 50 in, unframed; and El Farro, 2007 42 x 60 in, unframed) on paper that I recently received from a gallery. Both are framed but since the frames are falling apart, I was planning on taking out the pieces and rolling them up. The other piece, Jugando, 2011 is framed, measures 11 x 15 in unframed, 18 1/4 x 22 x 1 3/8 in framed. I can easily ship these out to you or take with me to Berlin. The works in progress will probably be done within the next two weeks.

As for installations, I have two relatively small pieces that I recently worked on in my studio. It would be great to show both, or at least one of them. They are Topographical meanderings sobre mar y tierra (floor piece) and Portal de lana y madera (corner wall piece). The latter still needs a some more mementos (smaller hanging pieces). You can also check out smaller installations from the Jardin Series or Montanas & montanitas. * (Coffin's Corner's mountain is in Jenny Salomon's house in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.) I can ship these to you or I can pack them up and take with me. 

Topographical meanderings  and Portal de lana y madera seem to counter balance each other. One is on the floor, colorful and graphic, the other is at eye level or higher, and uses muted colors and nature materials. 

Below are images of my studio with the wall/corner installation and  two piles of wood pieces I used to create Topographical Meanderings . Missing are the rectangular pieces. I like them better combined.

A installations studio.jpg
B round and abstract mountains.jpg